Allessandria as Ellie Goulding

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Ellie Goulding is a national treasure, renowned for her unique voice and sassy song writing abilities. Not only have both her albums hit the No.1 spot, she has a series of smashing hits that get everybody in the ‘Starry Eyed’ mood! The astonishing vocalist Allessandria brings you a show where ‘Anything Could Happen’ and you will be overwhelmed by the amazing vocals, light & drum show exactly like Ellie herself. From the heartfelt ‘How Long Will I Love You’ to the bouncing ‘I Need Your Love’, you will be up on your feet feeling the ‘Explosions’ of such a fantastic show.

‘’Not only do I love to sing; I absolutely have to put on a show. I spend hours fussing over my PA and have invested a lot into my light & laser equipment. Studying another person takes mass amounts of time. Incorporating their mannerisms is certainly a craft you have to master! It’s one thing to be a tribute artist, but it takes something else to make everyone believe that you are more than a tribute, the real thing’’ says Allessandria. Do you want your event to be what everyone is talking about? Then book Allessandria as Elle Goulding now!


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