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Beer for Breakfast are a professional four piece Irish and Ceili Band, who play a fantastic and lively range of real traditional and contemporary Irish music, songs and tunes, as well as Celtic rock and Country rock & roll. The band are all professional musicians who came together about 8 years ago from academic, formal, semi-pro and session music backgrounds to form one of the most vibrant and lively bands on the Irish music scene today. The band also do Ceili’s as a five piece band, including a caller for all types of Ceili, with an Irish, Scottish or English flavour!

Beer For Breakfast specialise in Ceili’s. Playing as a five piece ceili band, we use one of three excellent callers, Michael, Francis or Bill, to give your Ceili an Irish, Scottish or English flavour- depending on what you want! The callers are all very experienced and are there to make your event very enjoyable and for you to have FUN.

A Ceili ( pronounced ‘kay- lee’) is a gathering for music and dance and is one of the best ways to ensure that the people at your event meet each other in a FUN atmosphere. Anyone who can walk can take part and no previous experience is necessary. Ceili dancing can involve large or small groups of people and is pretty easy to pick up. The dances are pattern dances and may be done in lines, squares and circles and many are progressive which means that couples change partners regularly during the dance. A ceili is particularly suitable for groups of mixed ages and tastes.

Our ‘caller’ will instruct you in each dance before you do it, ‘call’ the steps and supervise the dance once it starts. Getting the steps absolutely right is neither expected nor demanded, in fact the object is to have FUN and lots of it! Popular dances include: The Big Set Mixer, Bridge of Athlone, The Oxo Reel, La Rouse, The Circassian Circle, Rebecca’s Roundabout, Cottagers Jig, Nottingham Swing, Cumberland Square 8, Strip the Willow, Dashing White Sergeant, The Gay Gordon’s, Eightsome reel, St Bernard’s Waltz, Canadian Barn Dance, Pride of Erin Waltz.

Beer For Breakfast come fully equipped and ready to play at all types of music venues from very small gatherings to very large events, including festivals, pubs, clubs, corporate events, weddings, celli’s, birthdays, anniversaries, folk festivals, PTA functions and more! The band can also play unplugged for that special occasion.

The band come fully self- contained with a top quality Dynacord PA and speaker system, covered by Public Liability Insurance and Electrical Equipment Safety Certificates and are available to play 7 days per week throughout the UK, Ireland and the Continent.


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