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COMPERED MURDER SHOW SUITABLE FOR SMALL GROUPS – MAXIMUM OF 50 GUESTS (Events can also be tailored for up to 300 guests)

All of our mystery murders are primarily fun entertaining events – not heavy sleuthing! Each plot is unique but the same successful pattern is used to dish them up!
The show begins during pre-dinner drinks as the Compere mingles with suspicious characters – YOU, THE GUESTS! Each guest is given a new identity and character brief, in keeping with the theme of the murder, becoming part of the plot. The guests are encouraged to question each other and jot down clues in their notebooks – a great ice-breaker!
The guests are invited to view the “dead body” before dinner! (One of the guests may even be nominated for this important role! – They will re-join the event with a new identity).
When the guests are seated ready for dinner they will find a quiz – the answers to which spell a clue – the answers are not too difficult. There is also a limerick competition for the mischievous minded!
Our talented Compere will then narrate the events leading up to the murder in a light-hearted style, revealing some “scene of the crime” clues.
The guests are encouraged to question each other during dinner – but beware, one of the guests (unknowingly!) is THE MURDERER!
Between courses, further clues are revealed and the guests are brought into the plot in a humorous and entertaining way.
During coffee the would-be sleuths complete their solution cards. These can be submitted individually or per team if preferred.
The denouncement is then announced and THE MURDEROUS GUEST exposed! Prizes/certificates are then awarded for best sleuths, worst solution, funniest limerick etc!
Choose a plot from one of our many classic plots or we can customise or create a plot to suit your occasion or company. All artwork can be dedicated with a company logo etc.
‘Guest Actor’ roles can be incorporated (great fun for would be dramatists!) and teams can be organised before the event.

Our personal liaison will ensure your event is a resounding success!


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